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May 25, 2023

Loewe has introduced in Japan a new, unique retail format. The Spanish luxury label has opened in Osaka its very first store entirely dedicated to the repair and maintenance of leather articles, the core of its product range. “Leather artisans” are a permanent fixture of the store, and they are ready to repair and renew damaged products brought in by Loewe customers.

All the essentials to prolong a product’s life – Loewe

The project is called Loewe ReCraft, and the store also has a special section offering a service for personalising products with monograms, straps, charms and studs. It also sells a selection of baskets and plaited leather clutches made by re-utilising offcuts and excess materials from previous collections. Some of Loewe’s signature items will be reintroduced, enhanced with special details and sold as limited editions, Loewe indicated in a press release.
The store’s 46-square-metre interiors are furnished in the style of Loewe’s monobrand stores. The flooring and shelves are made of recycled wood, and the walls are panelled with hand-enamelled green Spanish ceramic tiles, while emphasis is placed on natural materials throughout.

Loewe has for many years been offering a care and repair service at its stores, but through this special format it is keen to further highlight the craftsmanship values that underpin its brand identity, while encouraging its clientèle to act responsibly by extending the useful life of the products they buy.
Loewe and its creative director Jonathan Anderson have picked Japan to launch this project, a country where the label is celebrating this year a five-decade presence, and where it is distributed via some 40 stores and department store concessions. The Loewe ReCraft store has been opened in Osaka’s Hankyu Umeda shopping mall, within the latter’s ‘Green Age’ section, featuring sustainable labels and products.

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