The idea of connectedness also extends to the scent collections, like with its popular 11 11 line, a reference to angel numbers. Angel numbers are repeating number sequences, and, for spiritual folks, can be seen as a sign or message. Sequences involving the number one, like 111 or 1111, often symbolize new beginnings, making 11 11 a perfect name for a clean, invigorating scent. Others evoke locations, numbers, and times as well like Midnight 07, Canyon Rose, and Apaaray, which means “infinite.” If you want to try out these unique fragrances yourself, now is the perfect time to do just that. Today through May 30, get 15% off everything on this great-smelling site with our reader-exclusive promo code R29L&S. Keep on reading to see our top picks from Lake & Skye — from discovery fragrance sets to candles.

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