May 25, 2023

Italian luxury fashion company Prada Group and Adobe have announced an enhanced partnership to elevate customer experiences across all digital and physical retail properties. The partnership spans Prada Group’s range of brands, including Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, Car Shoe, Pasticceria Marchesi, and Luna Rossa.

Prada Group will be able to combine vast amounts of existing data, creating unified customer profiles, and delivering personalised experiences across any channel in real time, the fashion house said in a press release.

Clients who have opted in will enable sales assistants to know when they visit a store and their preferences, with the goal of a richer personalised experience. For example, a customer who has researched a bag online may be invited to see the bag’s latest seasonal colours in person, where a sales assistant will be ready to provide a tailor-made experience. After leaving the store, the customer will receive recommendations based on their purchase, in-store experience, and online profile.

“We announce a new and important step towards our fruitful collaboration with Adobe, with the adoption of their unique customer data platform suite, to further evolve the retail experience across all our brands,” said Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group marketing director and head of corporate social responsibility. “This will ensure we are able to engage and connect with each customer in the right place, at the right time, and with the right content.”

“At the heart of Prada Group’s identity is a passion for innovation, and a focus on the customer experience,” said Luc Dammann, president of EMEA at Adobe. “The luxury retail sector is at the forefront of digital innovation, and Adobe’s partnership with Prada Group will enable them to expand their distinctive style and storytelling through real-time personalized customer experiences across in-store and digital worlds.”

The Prada Group is exploring Adobe’s latest innovative technologies, including Adobe Substance 3D to design retail simulations and create garment and accessory prototypes using physically accurate textiles, including leathers, in an increasingly sustainable and hyper-realistic way.

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