May 22, 2023

Nike is taking its digital transformation to the next level by partnering with Strava, the social network for athletes. This collaboration aims to extend Nike’s fitness services to a larger user base and establish a more dynamic platform for its community.

As of June, members using the Nike Run Club (NRC) and the Nike Training Club (NTC) apps will be able to access their data on Strava, bringing Nike’s vibrant fitness community to the platform’s extensive user base. This feature allows Nike users to share their fitness journey, while benefitting from Strava’s interactive capabilities and global community, Nike said in a media release.

This partnership aligns with Nike’s ongoing commitment to making sport a daily habit, fuelling inspiration, and championing the journey of every athlete. By utilising Strava’s platform, Nike seeks to expand its digital reach, reinforcing its vision through a blend of connectivity, coaching, inspiration, and community.

Furthermore, the sportswear giant will introduce a Nike-branded Club on Strava this summer. The Club will host challenges that promote engagement around shared goals, allowing athletes to track their progress and earn brand rewards.

This partnership, while bringing Nike members into Strava’s extensive network, also continues to enhance the unique features of NRC and NTC. Both apps will continue to offer new and engaging programming such as the NRC’s audio-guided run series and the NTC’s Strength and Conditioning for Runners, and Nike (Move) Like a Mother series.

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