PhotoVogue is thrilled to unveil the digital exhibition, “Your 501® Story”, in partnership with Levi’s celebrating the 150th anniversary of the 501® jean. This collection of 150 thought-provoking images capture the essence of the iconic 501® jean as a powerful platform for personal expression.

PhotoVogue, a mission-driven platform that’s goal is to discover, nurture, and advance the careers of emerging and unrepresented artists across visual media, has a community of over 330 thousand image-makers and represents over 250 nationalities. Given the universal resonance of the 501®, a Global Open Call in partnership with Levi’s was not only organic, but elicited an inspiring response, exceeding six thousand entries from talented image makers across 82 countries. Each submission uniquely interprets what the original blue jean signifies to the storytellers who shared their perspectives.

From artists to activists and musicians to models, the 501® jean has been a staple in the wardrobes of diverse communities for over 150 years. Here, we showcase the most inspiring images, portraying a spectrum of monumental and deeply personal moments of connection, evolution, freedom, and rebellion.

Among the selected images, two visual storytellers stood out for their compelling points of view and have been selected to receive a cash grant of $10,000 USD, offered and paid by Levi’s®, to be used for furthering artistic endeavours. Imraan Christian’s image tells the story of an indigenous family’s intergenerational connection through the 501® as a timeless thread that ties them together. Malaika Nabillah & Delali Ayivi capture the essence of the 501® by transporting us to Togo, where artisans skillfully upcycle denim and breathe new, imaginative life into denim.

This curation is a testament to the enduring legacy of the 501® jean and its ability to transcend time, connect cultures, and evoke emotion. As you explore the digital exhibition, we hope you will be moved by the stories they tell. 

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