Still all about sports! Kyle Martino has transitioned from playing soccer to commenting on the game.

“I recently joined the Warner Bros. Discovery Sports team as a TV analyst for their U.S. soccer coverage,” the former professional athlete, 42, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I have been on TV for many years, but I recently took a couple years off to be home with the kids. I must say, it is great to be back on-air again.”

Martino — who shares sons Major, 6, and Mateo, 3, and daughter Marlowe, 8, with ex-wife Eva Amurri — further gushes to Us about working “around the sport” he loves the most on a daily basis. “The fact that this is what I get to do for work is still mind-blowing to me,” he adds.

The Connecticut native currently works as an on-camera analyst for WBD Sports, where he covers soccer for both TNT and HBO Max. “[I] feel so lucky and the team I get to work with here is incredible,” Martino tells Us. “It’s hard to keep a straight face most of the time because we’re all constantly joking and just having a blast.”

The TV broadcaster rose to fame as a midfielder with the Columbus Crew for seven seasons until his 2006 move to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Martino ultimately retired from professional soccer two years later.

In addition to analyzing soccer matches, the Street FC founder also touts fatherhood as one of his greatest jobs.

“[I end my] day with TV and snuggles with my girl,” Martino says of his daughter. “She’s my firstborn, and any time we can get some Daddy and Marlowe one-on-one time is a win! I’ll always cherish these moments with her. I’m also enjoying every second of it while she still thinks I’m cool.”

The entrepreneur and Amurri — the daughter of actress Susan Sarandon — tied the knot in October 2011 nearly eight years before they ultimately split. The pair, whose divorce was finalized in February 2020, had announced they were expecting their third child two months before their separation. Upon their divorce, the exes remained amicable coparents to raise their three little ones.

“We have developed really good communication skills and we plan to figure it out as we go and stay tuned in to what this baby needs from each of us and both of us together,” Amurri, 38, wrote via Instagram Story in March 2020 weeks after Mateo’s arrival. “All we can do is our best. And we are both very committed to doing our best by this little guy.”

The Californication alum, for her part, moved on with chef Ian Hock, who proposed in February.

“I’m so grateful that Ian is so supportive of my coparenting relationship with Kyle,” she previously wrote via her blog in January 2021. “It means the world to me that he knows and understands how much Kyle means to me and to the kids, and some of my happiest days have been when we have spent time all together.”

Scroll below for a peek into Martino’s day:

7:30 am
“When you have kids, your days start early,” he tells Us. “It’s my favorite time of the day though when the kids first wake up before all the texts and emails come pouring in and the day really gets moving. It’s our special time to be together.”
Martino also kicked off the day with a special breakfast for Mateo at the local Coffee An’ Donuts eatery that he used to go to as a child.
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino
9:00 am
The former NBC broadcaster heads to work, telling Us he feels “so lucky” to work with the Warner Bros. Discovery Sports team.
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino
12:30 pm
Martino “wipes the powder off” and gets to his next job as the founder of nonprofit The Over Under Initiative.
“We’re installing some Goalphers at a basketball court in downtown Manhattan this afternoon,” he explains to Us. “Goalpher is something I developed and patented a few years ago. It’s a permanent soccer goal we install under basketball hoops and are turning inner-city basketball courts into dual-sport spaces. Soccer is a universal sport: it shouldn’t matter where you live or where you come from in order to play. I want every kid to be able to pick up a soccer ball and play wherever and whenever they want.”
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino
2:45 pm
Despite being “wiped” from a busy day, Martino gets a workout in. “The only exercise I truly enjoy is … you guessed it, soccer,” he quips. “As long as I get my body moving, I feel great. I started this thing called Street FC a few years back. It’s kind of like the SoulCycle of pick-up soccer. The older I got, I realized it’s hard for former players to get a crew together and find some space to still play. With Street FC we make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to play the beautiful game.”
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino
4:15 pm
Martino picks up Marlowe from school and they head to his Football Cafe, which is the soccer-themed speakeasy that he recently opened in New York City. Marlowe, for her part, was tasked with painting.
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino
6:30 pm
The father of three took his kids swimming in his at-home pool while marveling over their latest milestones. “My kids are 8, 6 and 3 now, which is wild. Where does the time go?!” he says. “They’re the best of friends — well, most of the time — and I love watching them all grow up to be these smart, witty and fun kids.”
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino
8:15 pm
Martino concludes the day by watching TV with Marlowe.
Courtesy Of Kyle Martino

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