Make Time Wellness, a supplement brand founded by Emma Hemming Willis and Helen Christoni, has one goal in mind: empowering women to take time for themselves. 

The brand launches Thursday with four stock keeping units, including two drink powders: the orange-flavored Make Time for Brain Health, $49, and the apple-flavored Make Time for Prenatal Health, $49, and two gummy vitamins: Make Time Women’s Multi-Vitamin, $24, and Make Time Prenatal Vitamin, $24. The brand is also working on a brain health gummy. Across the four skus, Make Time Wellness is doubling down on the importance of neurological health.

While brain care continues to trend and the neurological health market grows — according to Deloitte it could grow to $721 billion by 2026 — Hemming Willis ideated the brand about three years ago after experiencing what she calls “mommy brain.”

“I went to see a doctor and he introduced me to this term ‘brain health,’ which was something I had never heard before. Through lifestyle changes and a fistful of pills.…I really saw such an improvement,” Hemming Willis, who is married to actor Bruce Willis, said.

Although she said she was reaping the benefits, Hemming Willis was experiencing pill fatigue from taking too many supplements. Upon discussing her struggle with Christoni, the duo set out to create a line packed with ingredients meant to promote long-term brain health, energy and focus — think B vitamins, omegas and medium-chain triglycerides. They intentionally opted for gummy and powder formats to make the experience more enjoyable, as Christoni explained “compliance of supplements is such a problem.”

In building the brand, Christoni and Hemming Willis chose to focus on women, as they make up nearly two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

“We want to help women make time for themselves. We want them to put their brain, mental, emotional, physical health above all else. People are talking to me about my hair, my skin, my workouts, but just never my brain,” Hemming Willis said. “Women make up two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients and no one’s talking about that. This conversation really needs to start sooner. We’re at risk and Helen and I are committed to leading the discussion around brain health.”

Emma Hemming Willis and Helen Christoni

While Hemming Willis declined to speak about her husband Bruce Willis, who has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, the brand plans to donate 5 percent of every purchase to Hilarity for Charity, a nonprofit that assists families and caretakers affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Through the brand’s social media channels and website, Christoni and Hemming Willis will host neurological experts to share tips and the science behind brain health in an effort to provide further education.

While the brand launches Thursday direct-to-consumer, the team is bullish on an omnichannel approach in an effort to make brain care a common category.

“Exposure for this brand is key. We are definitely seeking out brick-and-mortar locations,” Christoni said. “We want to be on shelves where women are shopping for supplements and so we are looking to really make an impact on that women’s health shelf.”

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