Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • May 5: Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio
  • May 7: Venus enters Cancer
  • May 14: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus ends
  • May 16: Jupiter enters Taurus
  • May 19: New Moon in Taurus
  • May 20: Mars enters Leo
  • May 21: Sun enters Gemini

Aquarius, you’re catching up on rest during Taurus season so you can party during Gemini season. The month starts out with a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5. Lunar eclipses bring fated periods of endings, closure, and release. This eclipse will bring up themes related to your career, public reputation, accomplishments, and lifelong milestones. Think back to May 16, 2022: What was going on in your life around that time? That was the last time we had a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, so similar topics and themes will be revisited. A few days later on May 7, Venus enters Cancer, helping you reconnect with the beauty you can find in everyday life. It’s the little things that matter to you. You may also feel ready to shake up your wellness routine or try out some new skincare products.

The Sun and Uranus, both in Taurus, meet at the same point in the sky on May 9, delivering sudden news or information about a family member or living situation, or a breakthrough about your past. You can release old memories, thoughts, beliefs, or patterns that no longer serve you today.

Mercury Retrograde finally ends on May 14! You’re ready to move on from your past, and issues with your living situation clear up. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, enters Taurus on May 16, bringing blessings to your home and private life. You may be moving, decorating a home, expanding your family, or getting serious with a lover. This is nesting energy—enjoy it! Large shifts with your family and living situation can take place over the next 12 months. The New Moon in Taurus on May 19 heralds a fresh start in this area of your life, too. Are you ready to move in with your partner? Buy a home? Your comfort and security are top priority right now.


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Mars enters Leo on May 20, bringing some drama to your relationships. This is passionate and combative energy. You may be spending more time fighting or, well, f*cking. It may also simply mean that something serious is going on with a close friend or partner, and you’re investing your energy to support them. This is also evil eye energy—you may attract competition and jealous onlookers! If you have an important relationship that is on the rocks, this is severing energy and it may be time to say goodbye. Later in the day, Mars in Leo stares down Pluto in Aquarius, bringing up unspoken power dynamics and feelings of obsession, jealousy, and control in your important relationships. Proceed with caution and don’t say anything you can’t take back!

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21 and thank goodness–you could use a little more play in your life. Gemini season is all about fun! You’re feeling more romantic and creative than normal. The next four weeks are the perfect time to get back into activities you enjoy, try new things, and put yourself out there. You’re more magnetic and charming than ever–take advantage of it!

You may feel like you have to make an important decision in one of your relationships or regarding your living situation on May 22 when Mars in Leo clashes with Jupiter in Taurus. Is one of you ready to move in, but the other not so much? The energy feels rushed today—do your best to resist making an impulsive decision. A reality check from your bank arrives on May 28, asking you to get serious about your budget as the month winds down. Don’t panic, just get back on track!

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