“My mother always wears very bright lipstick, from pinks to reds. My earliest beauty memory of her is seeing her red lipstick tube and powder with white marabou feathers ‎overflowing from the jar on her vanity. She was always very fashion forward, but at the same time very naturally classic, carrying herself extremely well. She truly embodies natural beauty, yet could dress it up so elegantly. The ability to combine those elements and the unique end result has always stuck with me in my approach to beauty, which embodies bringing together a natural base with elements of elegance and simplicity. On the wellness front, she taught me to always eat healthy, incorporating tons of fruits and vegetables with minimal sugar if any at all. These lessons in having a more minimal and ultra-healthy, farm-to-table approach are an essential part of my life in all I do to this day.”

Valerie Grandury, founder of Odacité

Valerie Grandury with her mother, Michèle GranduryPhoto: Courtesy of Valerie Grandury

“As most French women, her beauty routine was simple and consistent. To this day, if I go to bed without cleansing my face, I can hear her say ‘Make sure your skin is clean and well hydrated before you go to bed…’ She was all about oils, serums, and massaging the skin to stimulate firmness. After my first facial with her esthéticienne when I was young, they became a monthly mother-daughter rendez-vous. Odacité is so inspired by her beauty rituals, from products for treatments to gua sha tools for skin stimulation. She was also an advocate of bare skin and insisted that ‘The best look is bare skin with a touch of red lipstick and mascara! Skincare should be your makeup, the rest is accessories.’ Maman believed that beautiful skin is also fed from inside, with good food and a glass of red wine! Like her, I am all about healthy and glowing bare skin. I agree with her ‘good food’ approach. Like hers, my ‘good food’ is always homemade and never processed, yet quite different with its ingredients. Maman’s was very French with meat, cream, cheese, and bread. Mine is dairy free and plant-based, but the glass of red wine still stands!”

Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha

Vicky Tsai with her mother, Sue-Jen TsaiPhoto: Courtesy of Vicky Tsai

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