The two brands attracted a crowd this Wednesday evening at 8175 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Kylie Jenner, drag queen Gigi Goode and Symone, Adam Lambert showed up to the party organized by Mugler and H&M to present some of the pieces from their collection in an exclusive sale. 

Kylie Jenner at Mugler and H&M party – Courtesy of H&M

Under black and purple lights, guests rushed to get their hands on the collection’s highlights, all largely inspired by Thierry Mugler‘s greatest hits from the 80s and 90s. Each piece selected by Mugler’s creative director, Casy Cadwallader, is, according to Mugler and H&M, “as close to the original as possible.”
Among the most popular items were denim pieces including a cropped jacket with twisted sleeves and snap buttons that comes in blue with black nylon, sold for $299. While an even stronger look was a long, chrome-free leather trench coat in rich teal green with a long scarf that can be wrapped around the body, sold for $749. Other garments included an antique pink skirt suit from the mid-1990s with striking metallic bondage detailing on the bust, or a black velvet dress with a fitted waist, peplum skirt, puffed sleeves and pointed details that flared out from the bust.

Mugler H&M collection – Courtesy of H&M

“I was determined this collection would be true Mugler,” says Cadwallader. “The details and quality of every piece had to be exactly as we do them, and I wanted to showcase the energy of Mugler, which has always been about clothes that allow for personal liberation. You can be so many different versions of yourself in Mugler.”
For men, the collection features a long black leather trench with star logo buttons, a collarless leather blazer and leather trousers with a visible zip fly, a denim jacket with padded shoulders and twisted seams along the sleeves to accentuate the shape. The line also includes two models of Mugler’s signature twist jeans, one in black denim mixed with nylon, and one in classic blue mixed with black nylon. 

Mugler and H&M collection – Courtesy of H&M

Beyond these striking pieces, the Mugler H&M collection revisited some basics. Hoodies and T-shirts that played on transparency flanked with the star prints dear to Mugler, mesh tops galore, mini dresses and skirts. Well thought out, the accessories section unveiled leather caps with the effigy of the brand, long transparent gloves, earrings, broches and scarves, and press-on chrome nails.
Discussions for Mugler and H&M’s collaboration began before Manfred Thierry Mugler’s passing in January 2022. “Mugler, as a house, has always been one step ahead, embracing diversity, body-positivity, gender fluidity, long before the rest of fashion did,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M. “Each piece in the collection highlights why Mugler garments have always captured hearts and imagination. There are so many iconic pieces to choose from.”

Mugler and H&M collection – Courtesy of H&M

The collection will launch this Thursday, May 11 on the H&M website and in select H&M stores in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Miami. 

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