“That when a college claims ‘just the name of the college alone will help get you a job in x field’ that it is a BIG FAT LIE! I was an education major, and my department head said multiple times how the name of the college would help me get a job teaching because of how ‘prestigious’ our education department was. Keep in mind, I went to a small, liberal arts college. I’m 100% convinced that the ‘name alone’ claim was only for the area around the college, not statewide.”


“Very few schools have ‘national recognition’ for being superior to others (Ivy League and a handful of others). Your teacher was probably right in stating that locally, your school would carry a lot of weight to it. I, too, went to a small school that regionally has a lot of name recognition, but when I interviewed people outside my area, most had never heard of it.

The college you went to really only helps you when you are looking for your first job anyway. After that, employers are more concerned with your experience.”


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