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May 11, 2023

Two years after investment fund Cathay Capital first invested in French niche perfume brand Juliette Has a Gun, the latter has carried out a new funding round, selling a stake to French investment company Weinberg Capital Partners (also a shareholder in Besson Chaussures and Aqueduct). As part of the operation, the value of which was not disclosed, Cathay Capital also injected further capital in Juliette Has a Gun.

A visual by Juliette Has a Gun – DR

The perfume brand was founded in 2006 by Romano Ricci, great-grandson of Nina Ricci, together with his sister Antina Ricci, and is keen to consolidate its position in the USA, China and the Middle East, and continue to expand in Latin America and South-East Asia.

“We were attracted by the disruptive identity of a brand capable of breaking the industry’s mould, and with the ability to appeal to the younger generations. Its presence in markets as competitive as China and the USA perfectly illustrates its potential,” said Philippe Klocanas, a partner at Weinberg Capital Partners.

Juliette Has a Gun, whose best-seller is the ‘Not a perfume’ fragrance, also commercialises a range of home fragrances and cosmetics such as candles, hand creams and diffusers.

Over the last four years, the brand stated it has recorded an average annual growth rate of 40%, with its sales reaching a retail value of €120 million in 2022 (the company did not indicate its revenue figures).

Juliette Has a Gun is distributed by Sephora in the USA and by e-tailer Ushopal in China, and currently has a presence in over 50 countries through a network of some 2,500 retailers.

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