“Your 20s are the best years of your life!” said every single person ever. What they didn’t tell you is that you’ll be confused, like, 75 percent of the time. Between apartment hunting (just wait until you get a load of broker’s fees) and getting kicked off your family insurance plan, a lot happens at once—and you’re basically thrown into the adult swimming pool without your floaties.

Growing up is universal, and your BFFs are working through the same questions as you are. Why not lean on each other for support? Not the “Ugh, that stinks” kind of support, but a group chat of shared knowledge. A safe space to work on getting your life together…together.

Name it.

The first order of official group chat business is coming up with a clever name. Make your chat a place that instills confidence and good vibes only.

Mind if I girlboss?
We Got This 💅
What, like it’s hard??
Hot Tips 🔥
Glowing Up
🚨SOS 🚨
Home Economics

Set some ground rules.

For this group chat to be successful, members should feel totally comfortable asking anything—from where they can shop for an interview-appropriate outfit to how to decide on insurance coverage. Before you send any questions back and forth, set up some parameters.

  1. What happens in the group chat stays in the group chat.
  2. Treat everyone like a good neighbor—aka no laughing and/or judging.
  3. Don’t lurk! Get involved and participate in the conversation.
  4. A reaction (e.g., heart or thumbs-up) is a totally acceptable answer.
  5. Ask other members before adding new people to the group chat.
  6. Saying goodbye to the group chat? Give everyone a heads-up first.

Ask away.

Once you’ve settled on a name, fire up the chat. There’s nothing you and your friends can’t figure out together. See the below topic suggestions and questions, then personalize based on your needs.

Career Advice

Whether you’re searching for a job or trying to make a good impression at the one you have, it’s important to bounce ideas off of people who are at the same stage. Your friends will be able to empathize in real time when it comes to problems or questions within your professional life. Tap them for questions like…

career advice
  • What’s the best way to approach my boss about getting a raise/promotion?
  • I get *so* nervous before presenting at work. Any tips?
  • How can I find a mentor?
  • How do you deal with burnout?

Beauty & Style

Not everything in the group chat has to be super serious. If you need help choosing an outfit for work or just want some product recs, send the GC a message. Reading reviews online can be helpful, but if getting firsthand suggestions from people you trust is an option, it’s definitely the way to go. Avoid a major meltdown by asking…

beauty and style
  • What kind of outfit should I wear for a job interview?
  • Where should I shop for professional clothes?
  • Is this top appropriate for the office?
  • My skin is breaking out. Can anyone recommend a good moisturizer?
  • How often should I get a haircut to keep my hair healthy?
  • How do we feel about corsets?

Car Insurance

Not to sound like your parents, but yes, you need car insurance. Choosing a plan is a daunting decision—especially when it feels like none of the options fit your lifestyle (and more importantly, your budget). But don’t worry, bestie! State Farm® does things differently. The State Farm Personal Price Plan® lets you personalize your insurance plan, meaning you can choose the type of coverage you’ll receive and maximize savings based on your lifestyle.* TBH, this is the exact kind of info you can drop in the group chat when your besties ask…

car insurance
  • OK, but how do I know what kind of coverage I need?
  • Can I even afford reliable car insurance?
  • Is my credit score gonna impact my car insurance rates?
  • Does car insurance include roadside assistance or do I need additional protection?
  • Will the make and model of my car affect the cost of my insurance?
  • What happens to my rate if I get in a wreck?

*Individual premiums and budgets will vary by customer. All applicants subject to underwriting requirements.

Cooking Basics

Part of growing up is feeding yourself, but not everyone (*raises hand*) knows their way around a kitchen. Instead of texting your parents for cooking advice, toss your questions in the group chat—this way you can surprise your folks with a bangin’ baked ziti or French toast casserole. It’s totally normal to not know the answers to things like…

cooking basics
  • How long do you cook a chicken breast at 400 degrees?
  • My kitchen knives are sooo dull. How do you sharpen them?
  • Can anyone recco an egg alternative for baking?
  • How long can cooked meat last in the refrigerator?
  • Anyone have a good salad recipe? My tummy and my wallet thank you in advance.

Laundry & Cleaning

Stain your favorite shirt? Have no idea how your mom kept the house so spotless? Your new group chat can help you with laundry debacles and household cleaning Qs—especially if you’re doing these things on your own for the first time. See if they know the answers to…

laundry and cleaning
  • Do I actually need to separate lights and darks?
  • How am I supposed to know which washing machine cycle to use?
  • What do you guys use to clean your bathrooms?
  • Broom or vacuum? Let’s discuss.
  • How do I get this burnt mess off my favorite pan?


Managing your money is probably one of the less exciting parts of adulthood, but your friends can help make it more fun. Use the group chat to share discounts and coupons, as well as money-saving ideas, like bundling insurance policies with State Farm to help keep money in your pocket.


Remember: Make this group chat whatever you need it to be. We’ll be waiting for the invite.

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