“I heard from a wedding planner that the bride and her bridesmaids went through at least 10 bottles of champagne the morning of the wedding, and were ridiculously drunk. Two of the three bridesmaids fell and had trouble getting up on the way down the aisle, and the bride and the maid of honor made it down the aisle but with great difficulty. The groom was basically holding the bride up for the entirety of the ceremony, and she loudly refused to sit in a chair. The wedding planner said the couple argued the night before over whether they were going to drink before the wedding. The groom wanted to stay sober until the reception, but the bride disagreed.”

“The wedding planner said they had a massive fight in the limo on the way to take pictures, which the bride’s side of the wedding party was in no shape to participate in — so they skipped them. The photographer ended up doing a goofy shoot with the groomsmen since they had already paid for photos. The bride and bridesmaids sat in the limo drinking.

At the reception, the bride was passed out, and the groom made an apology speech to the guests. Then, he took an Uber home alone.”


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