“My boss at the time was my girlfriend’s father. He frequently traveled for work and would always acquire multiple types of drugs while he was in Central America (for a commercial fireworks business). He had a safe at the house, and I overheard him telling the code to his wife. I cleaned it out and framed it on my ex’s brother, as he was a frequent and known user.”

“After I became addicted to opioids and methamphetamine, my personality, priorities, and life in general quickly began to revolve around my fix. I introduced my twin brother to opioids, who became addicted as well.

“I lost nearly 10 years of my life and stole nearly the same time from my brother.

“Every single day is a struggle living with the fact that I am responsible for stealing thousands of dollars in drugs, for their family rift, and for my brother’s addiction, along with my own serious addiction. My family now knows about the addictions, and we are both in full recovery (five-plus years!). That’s the only silver lining in this story.

“I know I sound like an old man here, but please, please, do not try opioids (or other illicit drugs) unless prescribed for a truly necessary situation. You may lose your life faster than you ever thought possible, either figuratively or literally. If you have an opioid addiction or know someone who does, do your best to receive training for naloxone kits. They can save lives in seconds.”


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