Nudestix beauty director and influencer Sofia Richie Grainge’s late-April wedding to music executive Elliot Grainge captivated audiences around the world, evoking widespread discourse about everything from the star-studded guest list to the bride’s bespoke Chanel attire and, in particular, her minimalist makeup looks.

The weekend-long excursion was well-documented by Richie Grainge, who uploaded a number of “Get Ready With Me” videos to TikTok in which she routinely employed Nudestix products. Industry sources estimate she drove a 1,155 percent surge in direct-to-consumer Nudestix sales during the week of April 20 through April 27 as a result, though the brand declined to comment on the figure.

Sources also tracked a 2,849 percent increase in sales specifically across the Nudies Bronzer and Blush Sticks Richie Grainge used, which retail for $35.

The social media stats were equally as impressive. Tribe Dynamics reports co-mentions of “Sofia Richie” and #Nudestix drove $280,593 in earned media value for the brand. Spate, meanwhile, measured a 20.6 percent increase in month-over-month views of the #nudestix hashtag on TikTok, which now counts 73.2 million total views.

“Sofia has a very clear vision of who she is; she’s elegant and minimalist, and ‘quiet luxury’ is trending right now — and that’s just authentically how she is,” said Nudestix cofounder and chief executive officer Jenny Frankel, who tapped Richie Grainge as beauty director last October to help oversee product development and boost community outreach — a fortuitous decision indeed.

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