Dedcool founder Carina Chaz actually really likes laundry day.

At least she’s started to since expanding her fine fragrance brand to include a line of detergents — dubbed Dedtergents — which aim to elevate the at-times mundane task of doing laundry through unexpected scents and eco-friendly formulas.

And on Tuesday, Jen Atkin’s Ouai is getting in on the action, too: The hair care brand has partnered with Chaz to bring its loved Melrose Place fragrance — which includes notes of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood and white musk — to the Dedtergent game in a limited-edition Dedtergent retailing for $14 for 2 ounces or $35 for 32 ounces.

“Fragrance is a huge part of Ouai’s DNA. We’ve long been massive fans of Dedcool, and I think we have in common that we’re both very accessible luxuries,” said Ouai’s chief brand officer Hannah Beals, adding that Ouai commonly fields requests from its community for various — and at times left-field — category expansions (this collaboration could have just as easily been a Ouai wine), but Dedcool had been on the brand’s radar since Dedtergent entered Sephora in 2020.

“We became friends over the laundry detergent, but of course, magic takes years in the making, and this project has been such a fun and organic way to highlight each of our brands’ unique products and categories,” Chaz said. “We’re both L.A.-based brands, we sit on the shelves at Sephora together; there’s just a lot of synergy and cross pollination between us and our communities.”

To promote the launch, Dedcool and Ouai will host a mobile truck pop-up in L.A. on Saturday near Melrose Avenue and Abbot Kinney Boulevard, where visitors can enjoy free samples, products and, true to the spirit of the collaboration, limited-edition branded quarter rolls. (“Anyone who’s ever lived in a major city knows that the worst part about doing your laundry is having to do the Trader Joe’s or the 7-Eleven cash back to get your quarters, so we’re trying to make laundry day a little more fun for everyone,” Beals said.)

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