“In 2018, I moved from New York City to a small town in Southern Vermont. I went from living in an apartment in a busy neighborhood to living in an old farmhouse on 10 acres of land with my closest neighbor being about one mile down our dirt road. I was a single female living by myself in the middle of nowhere. No cell service, crappy satellite internet, and no street lights. The first few months were such an adjustment. I couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet, unless of course, a pack of coyotes started howling. I was definitely a little scared from time to time. Five years later, I sleep better than I ever had.”

“My anxiety and depression have gotten better because I have easy access to all the outdoor activities that I love. I even met a country boy and married him. My friends tell me I’m literally in a Hallmark movie. I loved my time in NYC but I’ve never looked back since trading in the city life for the country life.”


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