What is life if not a long series of black tubes? If you asked Sofia Richie’s new husband, Elliot Grainge, we don’t think he’d disagree. 

Grainge lent his voiceover talents to Richie’s TikTok over the weekend, narrating a “get ready with me” video of Richie applying makeup. 

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“GWRM with me,” he begins, applying the “PIN number” and “ATM machine” principle of grammar to the video. There’s a slight note of panic in his voice throughout the video’s narration of Richie putting on a quick everyday face. Grainge also seems to abide by an idea that when in doubt, just call it a black tube. Richie may have shared product names and shades, but according to Grainge, his new wife uses four black tubes, a “black foamy thing,” a paintbrush, a green thing, “rosy red,” a “beautiful pink thing,” which, in a real moment of triumph he correctly identifies as mascara (though he does fumble and call her eyelashes eyebrows), “another mascara, this one is for the eyebrows,” and “purple lipstick.” 

The black foamy thing, by the way, is a beauty blender.

Richie can be heard laughing throughout the video and audibly questioning his ID of her lipstick as purple. (It’s not.) 

Grainge and Richie are currently on their honeymoon after getting married on April 22 at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on the French Riviera. Richie wore three different custom Chanel looks during the wedding festivities, and has had a friendly relationship with the brand since walking in a runway show for them in 2017. Maybe that’s why Chanel was one of only two brands Grainge could identify during his rapid-fire narration (congratulations as well to the Dior highlighter that gets name-checked, though we wouldn’t historically call the tool she uses “a paintbrush”). 

It’s unclear if Richie and Grainge will take a break from their post-nuptial travels to make a surprise appearance at Monday’s Met Gala (which will honor the work of former Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld). If she does walk the Met steps to debut yet another bespoke Chanel ensemble alongside her brand-new last name, we’ll be waiting with bated breath for Grainge’s report of which little black tubes she deploys for her look. We can all agree, at least, with the assessment Grainge makes in his closing line: “And, get ready with me! I’m pretty! Yay!”

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