Margaret and Lizzie make me feel less alone. They help me realize that I wasn’t the only one who went through puberty. Yes, I swore into a secret girls club. And yes, I did begrudgingly write down the names of the boys I liked in class. But seeing it on screen through Margaret and Lizzie’s eyes makes me reflect on that period of my life which was made bearable by these two characters. I, too, and still am, unsure on what to wear most times, or how to style my thick, curly hair. I, too, was, and often still am, completely frozen when my crush walks by. The relatability of Lizzie and Margaret is too perfect to not feel even the slightest bit understood. Even now, it makes me stop for a second and think, if they got through a hard time just as awkwardly and nervously as me as teenagers, and they succeeded (or at the very least, learned a valuable life lesson), then why can’t I as a 23-year-old? 

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