Parris admits that the show is full of such Easter eggs: “We sprinkle clothing items amongst different cast members throughout the season, to confuse the audience on purpose.” In that case, surely there’s more to the “purple people” than what meets the eye, right? “I don’t know if this community is actually more menacing than we are aware of,” Parris says of the cult, whose costumes were inspired by the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, which follows a sunset color-wearing cult from the ‘70s. “That’s something that only the writers know! But what’s exciting is just to get to dye a bunch of clothes this gorgeous purple, and then mix them up and give men women’s blouses.” Parris explains the color was chosen for its gender neutrality. “It was nice to see a ruffle here, or a puff sleeve on a dude. It was really just about keeping it feeling equal so they could grab a blouse and a pair of pants from the community closet, wear them, and there’s no judgment.” 

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